Move Over Princess Leia, Cat Woman’s on the Prowl

After becoming a champ on Lego Star Wars, Ashton was ready for something new.  A few months ago when Ashton was shopping for my birthday present at Best Buy, he spotted the Lego Batman game for the Wii and asked if he could have it.  We usually say “Yeah!  You can have that for your birthday!” but this time he told Josh he didn’t want to wait for his birthday….DANG IT!  He’s growing up.  It ALWAYS worked before.  Anyhoo, Josh told him he could EARN it by helping out around the house and that I would make a chart for him.  I am pretty O.C.D. and didn’t really want to relinquish any of my household duties so it took me a while to come up with things he could do.  I finally made the chart and Ashton worked sooooo hard to earn his game.  He was a little discouraged after the first three or four days but pressed on.  He’s such a good little (BIG) guy!

I’m relieved that his crush on SLAVE Princess Leia seems to have diminished SLIGHTLY since Cat Woman entered his life.