Ashton’s 5th Birthday

Have you noticed the CRAZY summer of birthdays we have in our family????

Emmy – July 13th

Ethan – July 20th

Josh – July 25th

Ashton – August 10th


Anyhoo, HOW IS MY BABY BOY FIVE-YEARS-OLD?!?!?!?  I cannot express the love I have for Ashton.  I truly cannot begin to tell you how amazing this little guy is.  I’ve started typing several sentences but they sound so lame compared to my feelings for this boy that I just delete them.

Ashton requested a “REAL” birthday party this year with FRIENDS.  He made several other requests, mostly things he had experienced at other friends’ parties.  (Thanks a lot all you amazing moms who are completely creative and have way more energy than I do).  Ashton told his friend’s mom all about the LEGO BATMAN cake he was going to have for his birthday.  Luckily, she mentioned it to me a couple days before the party so I could actually make it.  Blame it on all those cake shows that make it look sooooo easy to make incredible cakes…The night before, I was up trying to figure out how to do fondant.  I ended up with a big glob of gray that I was going to just throw away.  At 11 PM, I told Josh to go laugh at my lame attempt at a real cake before I threw it in the trash.  He was sooooo tired but he could see some potential and helped me finish it.  Can you believe what a sweet husband I have???

We had a party for Ashton at Jumpin’ Jacks.  We told his friends to dress up like their favorite super hero.  It was THE BEST!  We had tons of little super heroes literally bouncing off the walls and it wasn’t IN MY HOUSE!  So perfect.