Emmy’s 3rd Birthday

I cannot believe my little Emmy is THREE YEARS OLD!!!!  She is such a goofball and is happiest when she’s making people laugh, especially Ashton.  She is such a cuddly, loving girl MOST of the time.  Her most favorite things in the world are: DOGS, her dad, and dressing up like a princess.  Oh my goodness, I love this girl so much!!!

I decorated for her birthday the night before.  Here is a little video of Emmy coming to get me the morning of her birthday.

That night we had a family birthday party for her.  She was sooooo excited all day about opening presents.  Not nice to make a 3 year-old wait for so long.

It ended up being a very “P” birthday PARTY.  PINK and PURPLE decorations, PIZZA, PRINCESSES, and a PINATA.  Emmy wanted a pinata so badly and she kept calling it her “hot lava”.  LOL! She knew it wasn’t a “hot lava” but just forgot the real word.  In her prayer that night, she said, “Thank you for my hot…lava……” then just waited for me to whisper ‘pinata’.  ANYHOO, the one she chose had ribbons that you pull out of the bottom and eventually the bottom breaks out.  I was kind of bummed about that but it ended up raining during the party so it was PERFECT.  It would have been out of control to have 15 kids swinging at a pinata in my tiny living room.

(Aren’t you all wondering what Mike just said?  I sure am, but I don’t REALLY want to know. 🙂 )

In the past, buying presents for Emmy has been difficult.  She has been such a tom-boy, playing with all of Ashton’s toys all the time, even when girl toys were around.  Well, this year she got all kinds of princess dolls and barbies and she loves them all!

And one last video of Emmy blowing out her candles, while eating a Laffy Taffy…