Ethan James Carr

It has been 5 weeks and I FINALLY have a chance to blog about our new, sweet baby boy.

My due date was July 26th but I was scheduled to be induced on July 20th (no reason, my doctor just ROCKS and gives the option to be induced if it isn’t your first baby).  I was praying that I would make it to the induction for two reasons:

1) I wanted to be all hooked up to an epidural before any of the contractions started…YES!  I am a HUGE wimp and I am not ashamed to admit it!  I felt contractions with Ashton and have NO INTEREST in experiencing NATURAL child birth…EVER!!!

2) I found out a couple weeks before that I was Group B Strep positive.  This is no big deal for the mom but can cause serious problems with the baby if antibiotics aren’t administered for a certain amount of time before delivery (4 hours preferably).  We live 30 minutes from the hospital and if my water broke (as it did with my other two) then we’d have to wait for someone to come over to stay with the kids and then get to the hospital and all that time could really add up.  With Ashton and Emmy I was in labor for 4 hours from water breaking to delivery.

I was STRESSING OUT the week before, I tell you!  I could NOT sleep at night.  I would eventually fall asleep as I prayed and prayed that I would make it to the induction.  I don’t know why I ever freak out about anything.  Heavenly Father is ALWAYS so good to me and hears and answers all of my prayers.  Everything went just perfectly.  Here is how it went…

7:00 AM – Arrived at the hospital

8:00 AM – Started the antibiotics and petocin

10:00 AM – GOT MY EPIDURAL!!!!  WOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!  That’s right, before I felt even one contraction!  I was only at 4cm at the time.

12:00 PM – The doctor came and broke my water.  I was still only at 4cm.  They told Josh that it would be a while probably and he had time to go eat some lunch.

12:45 PM – Josh decided to go eat

12:57 PM – I couldn’t hear the baby’s heartbeat on the monitor, so I started to move around and wiggle the monitor, trying to find it.

12:58 PM – I was getting REALLY nervous about the lack of heartbeat so I rang for the nurses at the exact time that 5 nurses came rushing into my room.  They were also wondering where that heartbeat went.  This REALLY freaked me out.  They were saying “Where is Josh?  He needs to be here.  Call him!”, “Call the doctor! Tell him ‘911’!”

12:59 PM – I called Josh, he was already on his way up.  The baby was on its way out and “911” meant the doctor should stop whatever he was doing and be there.

1:00 PM – Josh was in the room and saw the doctor RUNNING across the parking lot from his office next door.

1:06 PM – I pushed a few times and the baby was out.  The doctor let Josh announce that we had A BOY!  It was so much fun to have a surprise baby.  We were SURE the whole pregnancy that we were having another girl.  I was sooo happy and shocked that it was a boy.

Our new baby boy with his incredible dad

See?  Do you see how spoiled I am???  The day could not have been more perfect and our baby boy arrived perfectly healthy.  We are so blessed and I cannot even express my gratitude and love for my Heavenly Father.  Later that day, my mom brought Ashton and Emmy to meet their new brother (who still didn’t have a name).   They were so sweet with him from the very beginning, as you can see, and continue to be the best big brother and sister ever…

That afternoon was filled with many visitors who were ready to love this new little guy…