Nine Mile Canyon

Last Saturday, we decided to go on an adventure.  Josh mowed the lawn then we packed up the kids and took off for a STAY-CATION.  We drove through Spanish Fork Canyon down to Price where Nine Mile Canyon begins.  We could not believe that we have both lived in Utah for most of our lives and neither of us had ever been to (or heard of – me) Nine Mile Canyon.

It was such a great adventure!  I COMPLETELY recommend this outing if you have a whole day to spend.  It really did take all day and we had to choose just a handful of stops to make.  We printed out a list of GPS coordinates to enter into Josh’s iPhone (I also recommend doing that).  We saw tons of wildlife (a deer, rabbits, squirrels, lizards), petroglyphs, a ghost town, old grave stones, had a picnic, hiked and explored.  It was very kid-friendly, also.  Most of the petroglyphs are close to the road and we just left the car running while we checked stuff out.  It was such a fun day!

I’ll post more pictures on Facebook because we have a TON.