Saturday Fun

Last Saturday, we went to the Grand Opening of North Park in Spanish Fork.  Josh was fine with the idea until he heard there would be FREE hot dogs, then he knew the WHOLE town would be there.  Oh well, we still went.  We didn’t get in the mile long line for hot dogs, we mostly chased after our kids while they played on the playground.  I’m so excited about this park, though.  It’s way nice and close and the Splash Pad will be lots of fun….next summer.

There wasn’t a line for Smokey the Bear, can you believe it? 🙂

Ashton has been waiting all summer to be Spiderman on this web (he was dressed as Indiana Jones, though) …

After the park, we decided to head off on another adventure.  We went to the Bingham Copper Mine.

Josh has always wanted to go there ever since he took a trip to Belgium where his cab driver went on and on telling him how amazing Utah is and how he really needed to go to Kennecott.  SO WEIRD.  He couldn’t believe that you could live an hour away from one of the most amazing places in the world and never go see it.  So now we have and it was amazing, for sure! 🙂

It is UNBELIEVABLE that HUMANS have created this GIGANTIC hole!!!!  HUMANS!!!  This hole used to be a MOUNTAIN!!!!

It was EXTREEEEEMELY windy that day…

We decided to drive around Daybreak on our way out of the area. We happened upon this AWESOME zip line and played on it for a looong time.