September 2010

Ethan Smiling

Hi, Mom!  This is for you!  This is Ethan at about 7 weeks old smiling and babbling a little bit.  He is such a sweet baby!  He is just a happy little guy and if he’s awake, he is always ready to talk to and smile at whoever is around.  Soooo cute! (Oh, I APOLOGIZE that you hear my voice.)

S’mores in the Canyon

Yesterday Jessi says to herself, she says “Hey, we ALL had Stake Conference at 10 AM so maybe everyone else will be bored all afternoon and they could ALL have a BBQ in the canyon.”  So she called everyone (quite the undertaking) and arranged a totally fun, spontaneous afternoon/evening.   (We were missing Eddie and Linz this time).

This was Rob and Krissy’s SPONTANEOUS dinner “in the woods”

Chicken Alfredo

This was our SPONTANEOUS dinner “in the woods”

Hot dogs, without buns or the fixings (Yes, I like my hot dogs charred)

The kids climbed rocks…

Played Tag…

We talked…

Got Jess and Gary caught up on essential current events…

(“Hide ya kids, hide ya wives, hide ya kids, hide ya wives, and hide ya husbands…“)

And made s’mores…

And played some very reverent football…

We did have an injury.  SOMEONE threw the football right at Breezy’s nose…

Does anyone look suspicious around here?

Look at this sweet Little Spencer trying to help and being very concerned…

Josh asking Kris,”So, is Spencer the ONLY guy you’re dating?  You know there are A LOT of other fish in the sea.”  We’re teasing, Spencer!!!  We LOVE you!

Heading home…

Top Gear (a post for dudes)

The way I see it there are two types of guys. “Car Guys” and “Gay Guys.” Being the prior rather than the latter, when we were offered a discount on a trip to the Miller Motor Sports Park racing school we were all over it.

You start off the experience at the Carol Shelby museum.  This is a collection of cars owned by Larry H. Miller that have some connection to Carol Shelby. If there are any girls reading this Carol is the most manly dude in the world and his parents had to give him a girls name to allow mere mortals to stand in his presence. He makes Chuck Norris look like a girl scout.

Anyway the museum was crazy cool these two pictures are of the two most valuable cars in the world. The number 13 car is worth $15,000,000 and the #1 car is worth $11,000,000.

After the museum we spent about 30 minutes in the classroom learning some driving techniques like high speed cornering.

Then we went out to the track where we found this fleet of mustangs.  I am not a huge mustang fan but this was a very cool site to see.

The whole time I was expecting some guy to come out and give us a long list of rules and it just never happened.  It was so cool how relaxed they were. They never even asked us if we could drive a stick.

So the deal is you get 10 laps in the car and then you take two “Hot Laps” with professional drivers so you can see how it really should have been done. These cars have been modified into race car like form but the engine is basically what you would get from the factory with a few bolt on upgrades.  But they were still scary fast around that track.

Here is a video of the hot laps from the flag tower. If you are a dude you should turn it up because the sound is amazing.

So I know this post sounds like a boring report of the events that occurred but please don’t let my lame writing ability prevent you from doing this. This was one of the coolest things I have ever done and I am now totally addicted to racing. I wasn’t able to go fast enough even with the pro driver and I am now craving it every day. I have decided that I need to figure out how to be a bagillionaire so I can drive race cars every day. There are not many places in the world where you can experience something like this and it’s only about an hour away. You have got to do it.

Ethan is Six Weeks Old

Well, he’s really 7 weeks old NOW, but this post was supposed to happen LAST week. 🙂

Here is Ethan coming home from the hospital…

Here he is SIX WEEKS later….

I KNOW!!!  CHUUU-UUU-UUUBBY!  He is such a good baby.  He is so patient with all the loving he receives from his brother and sister.  Ashton and Emmy HUG and KISS him CONSTANTLY and if he’s awake, they are about one centimeter from his face talking to him.  Ashton always says things like,”You’re my best friend, Ethan!”, “Did you have dreams about me?”, “Mom!  I need to see his cute, little face!”, “He is the cutest baby in the world!”  Ethan is also patient with all the EXTRA help his mom gets while trying to feed, burp, bathe, and dress him.  I always let Ashton and Emmy help me burp him.  They can both get huge burps out in one or two pats.  It’s amazing!  He still sleeps a lot but is awake much more often.  I’m typing this with one hand while I hold him because he is very aware of when he is NOT being held today. 🙂  I WISH I could just hold him all day long, he’s growing so fast and it’s sad for me.

Here are some pictures between coming home from the hospital and 6 weeks old….

Oh! And check this out!  Here is a picture of Ashton…

And this is Ethan…

Stewart Falls

Our original plan for Labor Day (as of Sunday night) was to hike up to Timpanogos Cave.  Unfortunately, such last minute plans on the holiday did not work out- all the cave tours were full.  Instead, we decided to hike to Stewart Falls and have a picnic.

All of the Stewart’s in Utah (except Kris, we missed you, girl!) met up for this adventure.  Wowie!  The canyon and the trail…well, the whole mountain was FULL of people!  We started out great!  All the kids were so excited to be together, running around outside.  Ashton was pretending to shoot bears with his Buzz Lightyear gun.  Emmy was hiking like a pro, until she tripped and fell pretty hard before the trail really started.  That messed up the whole day for Emmy, pretty much, and she insisted on being carried.  The rest of the group went ahead and Josh, Emmy, Ethan and I were left so far behind.

I have hiked this trail a million times and for some reason, I always think it’s a mile of easy, fun hiking.  Maybe that’s because the last time I did it I was single, young and spry.  This time was waaaay different.  If Ashton hadn’t been way ahead with his cousins, I probably would have turned around.

We finally got down to the waterfall and had a picnic.

Rewind to the day before…After our picnic on Sunday, Ashton took a long nap…a VERY long nap.  It was strange and when he woke up he had a fever.  We fought that for the rest of the night and when he woke up fine Labor Day morning, we decided we could still have fun.

Okay now fast forward again to Labor Day and our poor little Ashton was burning up again and shivering so badly by the time we finished our picnic at the bottom of that big old mountain.  Since we were so behind, everyone else took off again while we were still eating.  So as we sat there, two adults with a backpack and three kids that needed to be carried up a mountain, I really felt like a pioneer!  I had no idea how we were going to make it back!  I really just wanted to call Life Flight to get us out of there!

We were so proud of Ashton because, as sick as he was, there was a point in the trail that is a long, rocky uphill climb for about half a mile. It would have been impossible to carry Ashton up this part of the mountain, so Josh gave Ashton a pep talk and asked him to be tough and push on. He could barely put one foot in front of the other and he was so exhausted he just kept slipping and tripping. But that little guy showed us what he is made of and led the way up the mountain and refused to stop or take a break until he got to the top. When we finally reached the top, Ashton just slumped over on Josh’s shoulders, completely exhausted.

Welp, to make a LOOOONG story short, Josh carried the backpack with Ashton on his shoulders and I carried Ethan in the baby carrier with Emmy on my back for 2 miles of mountainous terrain.  Many times I wondered how in the heck I was still walking, even walking FAST, up inclines.  We seriously had energy coming from who-knows-where and we made it back to the car surprisingly fast.  All I know is that I PRAYED for help and we got it!

So that is my faith promoting experience.  You are probably thinking “That wasn’t so bad.  I don’t know why she’s so dramatic about this.”  Well, half a mile into our 2 mile journey back, BOTH of our potty-trained kids, in the middle of all that nature, WET THEIR PANTS.  That’s right.  And no, I wasn’t prepared with extra clothing in that strangely heavy backpack.  Yeah, so, once again, let me remind you, Josh gave Ashton a shoulder ride and I had Emmy on my back.  AWESOME.