October 2010

Halloween – Indiana Jones and Alice

image207960301.jpgWe are about to head out the door and kill the neighbors with their cuteness.

Ethan will be going as the white rabbit if he ever wakes up.

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Fire Station Fieldtrip

A couple of weeks ago (I am waaay behind), I went with Ashton’s preschool class to the Fire Station.  It was tons of fun!  The Orem Fire Station was having an expo and so there were all kinds of booths and demonstrations.  A fireman climbed to the top of the fire engine ladder and put out a fire with the hose, the rescue helicopter landed right in front of us, the kids crawled through a little trailer with smoke (fake, of course), Miss Tiffany put out a fire with an extinguisher, and the kids got to climb into an ambulance.  Ashton was very excited to see “Puffy the Bear”. LOL!  SMOKEY the Bear has been at every event that Ashton has ever attended, it seems.  They are good pals now.

Jenn is leading our children astray


So Ashton is comparing everything lately. For example Chewbacca is “way huger” than teen wolf but teen wolf is “way faster” than Chewy.

Jenn in her ongoing effort to be mother of the year always makes a point to teach “doctrine” at every opportunity.  Problem is she filling their heads with false doctrine and they are going to be very confused.

For example the other day Ashton was conflicted and started arguing with Jenn trying to convince her that “Superman is way tougher then Jesus”

Jenn’s trump card rebuttal when she found she wasn’t gaining any ground was “JESUS MADE SUPERMAN!”


This morning Ashton asked “Mom why does Mike only have one eye?”

Jenn’s answer of course was “because Jesus made him that way” to which Ashton quickly responded “No mom they just drew him like that”


image527839842.jpgMy life has recently been turned upside down!  Josh got a new MacBook and I inherited his old one.  I know many of you will think I am ridiculous, but I have been SCARED TO DEATH at the prospect of going from my HP laptop (crappy as it was) to this Mac.  I have a lot to learn and I am old and not used to LEARNING anymore. 🙂  My Grandma Harris is my inspiration, though.  She is always eager to learn new things and is on Facebook AND has a Mac.  I will be brave, I will be brave.

I also got a new iPhone a couple weeks ago.  Josh TOLD me that I was going to get one and– you’ll think I’m ridiculous once again– I was soooo mad!  I love Verizon and I didn’t even use the little basic phone I already had.  (If you know me at all, you know that I HATE the phone.  I’d rather drive miles and miles to talk to someone in person before talking on the phone.  I don’t know why…ANYHOO)

I feel like Apple OWNS me and my family.  I must say, I LOVE my iPhone.  It is a good thing I got it because I have been too afraid of this Mac (that I am using tonight for the first time since I got it two weeks ago) so I’ve just been using my tiny iPhone as my computer.