Jenn is leading our children astray


So Ashton is comparing everything lately. For example Chewbacca is “way huger” than teen wolf but teen wolf is “way faster” than Chewy.

Jenn in her ongoing effort to be mother of the year always makes a point to teach “doctrine” at every opportunity.  Problem is she filling their heads with false doctrine and they are going to be very confused.

For example the other day Ashton was conflicted and started arguing with Jenn trying to convince her that “Superman is way tougher then Jesus”

Jenn’s trump card rebuttal when she found she wasn’t gaining any ground was “JESUS MADE SUPERMAN!”


This morning Ashton asked “Mom why does Mike only have one eye?”

Jenn’s answer of course was “because Jesus made him that way” to which Ashton quickly responded “No mom they just drew him like that”