November 2010


Since Josh and I dressed up as Alice in Wonderland characters for our Road Race, I decided to force the theme upon Emmy and Ethan.  Josh agreed to Emmy being Alice, as long as I BOUGHT her costume.  Though I appreciated Josh’s desire for me to get some sleep the week before Halloween, I still decided to make Emmy’s costume and Ethan’s (no big deal).  If you ask me, Emmy was one freaking cute Alice!  Ethan was a very cooperative White Rabbit.  Ashton had his own big plans for weeks of being Indiana Jones…and Batman and Superman and Mario AND Hiccup AAAAND a Bat AAAAANNNDD a Dragon AAAAANNNNDDDDD every other character that looked awesome to him each day in October.  He finally went with his original plan and even directed as I created his stubble-y beard.  Lindsey totally completed his costume with the whip.  Thanks, Linz!

The weather forecast showed stormy weather all day but it was really nice until about 3 PM.  I was praying so hard that the kids would be able to go Trick-or-Treating.  At 5, we headed over to Steph’s to start Trick-or-Treating with some cousins.  We took a few minutes to take some pictures, of course.  It is such a good thing that we did or else we would have been around the block in a very sudden, freakishly crazy hail storm.  Instead, we took shelter at Nate and Steph’s for an hour until the storm passed.  Ashton and Emmy went out for a little while but it was so freezing that all they wanted to do was put on their pajamas and go back to play with Druw.

Halloween Road Race

Lindsey signed us up to be on her team for a Halloween Road Race.  If you are like me, you are asking, what the heck is that?  Well, it’s like a scavenger hunt where you have to figure out clues to get you to the next clue (you might have to perform some challenge) and you are racing against lots of other teams.  It’s like The Amazing Race (I have always wanted to be on that show, even though I have only seen the finale of maybe two seasons).

The theme was Alice in Wonderland.  Josh and I just ordered our costumes online.  Don’t you think Josh’s Cheshire Cat costume is awesome???  Our friend, Doug, decided it should be called Sleepy-Time Teen Wolf.  LOL!!!  Nate and Steph put their costumes together with about 2 days notice.  They are so cute!  Yes, Nate…CUTE!  Lindsey MADE her Alice costume AND Eddie’s Mad Hatter costume.  A-MAZ-ING!!!

This was seriously one of the funnest nights EVER!  SERIOUSLY!  All the clues were so clever and just on the verge of being too hard to figure out.  But our team was DA BOMB!  There was always someone who knew exactly what the answer was almost immediately and then Josh would be tearing down the streets of Provo and Orem to get us there.  Soooo fun!  We had to eat and drink clues, play croquet, take a hat to the Mad Hatter….aaaaand WE WON!!!!  AMAZING!!!!

This is the third year that this Road Race has been put on in Utah and we are definitely making this a Halloween tradition!

“Painting” Cookies

Ashton and Emmy spend 50% of the day chasing each other around the house, tackling, laughing, crying…in that order, over and over again.  The other 50% is spent drawing, coloring or painting at the table.  It’s the best!  Ashton is really such an amazing artist.  Emmy spends 20 minutes filling her papers with very intricate swirls, circles and “writing” her name.  The other day we bought little bird houses to paint.  They really painted at the table for almost an hour.  Then they re-painted them the next day.

Here is a little video of Emmy “painting” Halloween sugar cookies.

Delicioso! MMMMMooouh!

Kris and Spencer came over the other night.  We ONLY allow people to come party with us as long as they make us dinner.  And not just ANY dinner, we DEMAND that it be made from SCRATCH and with the FINEST ingredients.  They complied and made the MOST DELICIOUS pizza for us.  THANKS,  KRINCER!!!!  (That is your celebrity name, I’ve just decided.)

DoOraH the ExplorAH

For about a week, when Josh was tucking Ashton in at night, Ashton wanted to watch an episode of Dora the Explorer on the iPhone.  If that show is on, I MUST leave the room.  I cannot handle it for one second.  However, thanks to Brian Regan, we can kind of chuckle if our kids want to watch DoOraH the ExplorAH.

Here is Josh mimicking the intonation and VOLUME of their voices….