Since Josh and I dressed up as Alice in Wonderland characters for our Road Race, I decided to force the theme upon Emmy and Ethan.  Josh agreed to Emmy being Alice, as long as I BOUGHT her costume.  Though I appreciated Josh’s desire for me to get some sleep the week before Halloween, I still decided to make Emmy’s costume and Ethan’s (no big deal).  If you ask me, Emmy was one freaking cute Alice!  Ethan was a very cooperative White Rabbit.  Ashton had his own big plans for weeks of being Indiana Jones…and Batman and Superman and Mario AND Hiccup AAAAND a Bat AAAAANNNDD a Dragon AAAAANNNNDDDDD every other character that looked awesome to him each day in October.  He finally went with his original plan and even directed as I created his stubble-y beard.  Lindsey totally completed his costume with the whip.  Thanks, Linz!

The weather forecast showed stormy weather all day but it was really nice until about 3 PM.  I was praying so hard that the kids would be able to go Trick-or-Treating.  At 5, we headed over to Steph’s to start Trick-or-Treating with some cousins.  We took a few minutes to take some pictures, of course.  It is such a good thing that we did or else we would have been around the block in a very sudden, freakishly crazy hail storm.  Instead, we took shelter at Nate and Steph’s for an hour until the storm passed.  Ashton and Emmy went out for a little while but it was so freezing that all they wanted to do was put on their pajamas and go back to play with Druw.