Halloween Road Race

Lindsey signed us up to be on her team for a Halloween Road Race.  If you are like me, you are asking, what the heck is that?  Well, it’s like a scavenger hunt where you have to figure out clues to get you to the next clue (you might have to perform some challenge) and you are racing against lots of other teams.  It’s like The Amazing Race (I have always wanted to be on that show, even though I have only seen the finale of maybe two seasons).

The theme was Alice in Wonderland.  Josh and I just ordered our costumes online.  Don’t you think Josh’s Cheshire Cat costume is awesome???  Our friend, Doug, decided it should be called Sleepy-Time Teen Wolf.  LOL!!!  Nate and Steph put their costumes together with about 2 days notice.  They are so cute!  Yes, Nate…CUTE!  Lindsey MADE her Alice costume AND Eddie’s Mad Hatter costume.  A-MAZ-ING!!!

This was seriously one of the funnest nights EVER!  SERIOUSLY!  All the clues were so clever and just on the verge of being too hard to figure out.  But our team was DA BOMB!  There was always someone who knew exactly what the answer was almost immediately and then Josh would be tearing down the streets of Provo and Orem to get us there.  Soooo fun!  We had to eat and drink clues, play croquet, take a hat to the Mad Hatter….aaaaand WE WON!!!!  AMAZING!!!!

This is the third year that this Road Race has been put on in Utah and we are definitely making this a Halloween tradition!