Tomorrow my NEWBORN BABY will be FIVE MONTHS OLD!!!  What in the…?!?!?  Time is flying by and he is growing way too fast!  Oh my goodness, I cannot express how much I love this chubby little guy!

Ethan is such a doll!  Ashton was a very chill, very good baby but he was extremely serious.  It was hard to get Ashton to smile.  But Ethan is very chill, very good, and VERY smiley.  Oh, he’s just such a sweetheart.  He is so patient as I take care of Ashton and Emmy who seem to need me more than he does.  As long as he’s fed and not tired, he’ll play and be content on his own for long periods of time.  Poor little guy.  He has been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks old and he’s a great eater.  I was going to argue that he isn’t as chubby as he used to be, that he seems to be thinning out…until I saw THIS picture…

Wowie!!!  I mean…WOWIE!  LOL!

Ashton and Emmy LOVE Ethan and their fascination with him is even greater than the day we brought him home.  Josh and I compare Ashton’s love for Ethan to Lenny’s love for rabbits and puppies on “Of Mice and Men”, or Chris Farley and his roll on “Tommy Boy”.  That’s a perfectly accurate portrayal.

It’s so AMAZING how love just MULTIPLIES as new babies come into our family and how I can’t remember life without them.