Lindsey is on the NAUGHTY List

Look at what Lindsey MADE for ME!!!!  I CANNOT EVEN BELIEVE IT!!!!

She mentioned that she was MAKING something for me and I thought it might be some more of her delicious Amish Bread, but THIS is what she brought over!!!!  I am completely speechless.  Look at all the POCKETS!  The inside AND outside are lined with pockets!!!

I can’t stop MARVELING at her SKILLS!  And WHY did she make this for me, you might be wondering….I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!  She tried to give me reasons but NONE of them justified the work and time that went into this bag!  I just keep imagining her at the sewing machine, working so many hours to make this for ME, when she has a million other things going on AND she makes dinner for US at least once a week AND she lets Emmy play at her house all the time.  I’m REELING.  THANK YOU, LINZ!!!  You are SOOOO NAUGHTY but I LOVE IT and I LOVE YOU!!!!