Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert

Our fabulous friends, Julie Anne and Will, invited us to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert with them!  I still can’t believe that they chose US!!!  I LOOOOVE the MoTab Christmas Concert and I was completely bummed when I realized we missed the ticket deadline.  But the Beck’s saved Christmas for me!

And check THIS out!  They always overbook the concert but since David Archuleta was performing, EVERYONE showed up.  So even people who had been there an hour early didn’t get in.  Well, as you can imagine, traffic was horrific and at 7:50 (it started at 8), we were still sitting in the car a block away from the Conference Center!  Julie Anne and I jumped out to go save seats.  We found our line to get in, it wasn’t moving and was about a block long.  Julie Anne, being the tenacious little fireball that she is, came up with a new plan and was ON THE MOVE with me tagging behind.  I dare not let this TOP SECRET scheme hit the masses, but I can tell you, we got in almost immediately and hurried right in to our seats.  If it hadn’t been for Julie Anne’s quick thinking and AWESOMENESS, we would not have made it in. (I avoided saying “been left out in the cold” on purpose, folks)

The concert was stupendous.  Josh and I were completely impressed with little David, who seems as humble and sweet as his American Idol days.  The only bad thing was I kept thinking throughout the WHOLE thing, “Dawg, you can BLOW!” (Randy Jackson).  But that boy really CAN!!!

Jenn, Josh, Will and Julie Anne

Thank you, Julie and Will!!!!