“Ooooh, What’s a Finger Prick? I Want One!”

Two days ago, I took Ashton to the doctor for his 5 year-old check-up and immunizations.

When it was time for his immunizations, the nurses had him lay back on the table and asked me to hold his arms while they gave him the three shots in his thighs.  I always feel sad for my babies when they get shots but the crying doesn’t last long and they are happy again fairly quickly.  Well, it was terrible to see the pain on Ashton’s face this time.  The nurses were probably bugged by how long I cradled him as he cried and cried.  For the rest of the day, his legs were really sore and he kept asking,”Mom, why did they have to do that to me?”  After I tucked Ashton in that night and was leaving his room, he said,”Mom, when you’re out there, will you say a prayer that my legs will get better?”  I immediately went back in to have a prayer with him for his little legs.

The next morning he was limping and finally CRAWLING.  I thought he was being a little dramatic.  Well, at about 3 I noticed he had a fever, which is normal with immunizations, so I gave him some Motrin and had him relax.  At about 5 he was 101 so I had him take a bath.  My poor little guy undressed in his room and came limping into the bathroom.  When I saw his thigh I IMMEDIATELY started panicking!  It was twice the size of the other thigh and RED and HOT!!!  I felt like THE WORST mom EVER!!!  I tried to be calm, I put him in the tub, ran upstairs and called the doctor – who THANK GOODNESS was open until 9 – and they wanted me to bring him in.  When Ash found out he had to go back to the doctor, he tried to sound so happy as he said,”Mom, my leg is much better!  Let’s go to the doctor another day when my leg is hurting.  But it is way better now.  I feel fine.” (So afraid of more shots, poor sweetie)

I packed up all the kids and met Josh at the doctor.  Of course, all the way there I was thinking the WORST and freaking myself right out and the SNOWY TRAFFIC did not help matters.

The doctor was VERY calm but after thorough examination and questions about BLOOD CLOT history (my heart began pounding and pounding), she suggested we take him to the hospital to have blood drawn to see if there was an infection.  I do not know if I could have functioned without Josh by my side being calm and positive.

So we hurried over the hospital and I held Ashton on my lap as they stuck another needle into him.  He was so brave but I felt so terrible, betraying my baby like that.  Oh, it’s hard to be a mom sometimes!!!  The results came back NEGATIVE for an infection, THANK HEAVENS.

They had me bring him in again the next morning and the verdict after a couple doctors checked him out, was that he just had a reaction to the tetanus vaccine…THE WORST REACTION either doctor had ever seen.  Here is a picture of his leg the day after, the marker is where the RED used to be…

And look at my silly guy back at the doctor, joking around, pretending to be Buddy the Elf….