Thanksgiving Point Christmas Lights

Each Christmas, Josh and I take the kids to Thanksgiving Point to drive through the Christmas lights.  We always stop at the cafe’ for dessert and Ashton and Emmy MUST get a gingerbread man/girl.   This year a lot of my family came with us and it was SOOOO MUCH FUN!!  First we all ate at McDonald’s (Ashton and Emmy have been begging me to take them to play there) and then we headed to Thanksgiving Point.  Ashton and Emmy wanted to ride with Grammy and Grandpa and this is how they got to see the lights…

It’s hard to see, but they were popping out of the sunroof.  So cute and fun! (It was sprinkling a little bit so my parents were VERY nice to let them do this. Shows how things change when you’re grandparents, eh?  Hahahaha!)  I know Ashton and Emmy will remember that forever!

We saw the reindeer…

Got our gingerbread people….

And had dessert….

Ashton found his own table to sit at with Ryan and didn’t want to join us.  He opened his gingerbread man ALL BY HIMSELF and ate the whole thing in about 5 minutes.  It was pretty cute but…MY BABY BOY IS GETTING SO BIG! WAAAAAAAAA!

Cari making Ethan laugh

Ethan(seeing isn’t important, as long as you’re warm), Cari, Jenn