Thanksgiving Weekend

We went to Josh’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving this year.  I can never say this enough…I am soooo lucky to have the In-laws I have!  I know many people who dread having to go to their in-laws’ and there is always some kind of drama to deal with.  Not the case at all for me!  I LOVE THEM ALL!  Josh’s family is so…FUNCTIONAL and laid back…well, most of them…ehem…Miiiike.  Hahaha!  Just kidding!  We love you, Paw!!!

Josh, Kassy and Steph

Jayda and Emmy

Druw and Ashton


That night we went to my Grandma Harris’ for dessert and some card playing…

Cari, Jess, Mom, Grandma, Kris, Jenn, Angie

Angie AND Jess had little announcements to make that night!  CONGRATULATIONS, my sistews!!!

Cari, Ethan, Stephanie and Angie

Playing some Nertz (sp??? whatever).  Never, I REPEAT, NEVER try to play Nertz with Princess, Bugs Bunny or any other character card deck.  It’s IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

The next day we decided to take the kids to see “Tangled”.  I was surprised by how cute it was!  I really liked it…I wish I knew how it ended…The kids were not fans of 3D and got restless and wanted to go home.

Somehow I forced myself to decorate the house for Christmas.  Each year I get less and less excited about decorating but this year it wasn’t bad AT ALL.  We even put up a tree for Ashton and Emmy to decorate downstairs.  They LOVED it and did such a good job!

We went to Texas Roadhouse the next night.  It was a fabulous break after two days of Christmas decorating.

Such a great weekend!