To Blog or Not to Blog…

Huuuge Sigh….Welp, tonight Josh and I put all the kids to bed and then Josh headed down to his shop to work on his car and a toy box for Emmy.  So there I was at home…alone…asking myself, “Should I catch up on my blog OOOORRR should I start a sewing project????”  I really felt like I should BLOG but I was jealous of Josh CREATING things so I pulled out my sewing junk.  About 10 minutes into my project, my rotary cutter went completely out of control and tried to CUT OFF my finger!!!  Oh man, I knew immediately that I was in trouble.  I was pretty sure I needed stitches as the blood GUSHED and GUSHED even as I pressed it closed, so I called Josh who very sweetly came to the rescue.  Luckily, we were able to super glue my finger and Josh went back to the shop and I – yes, you guessed it – decided to BLOG.

All glued…unwashed

I know, SICK!  It’s weird how all of my fingers swelled up into gross sausages….weird.

I think I’m done blogging for tonight…this hurts.