January 2011


Here are two of my favorite things (Ashton and Emmy) with two of their favorite things (iPhones and pajamas)

Ethan’s First Swim

We went swimming at the Legacy Pool in Lehi last week.  It was Ethan’s first time in a pool and he LOVED IT!!!! Not really.  He didn’t really care at all about it, but he didn’t hate it.  🙂


Ashton and Emmy had a blast but on the way home Ashton said, “Mom, I had fun at the pool but let’s not do that again at Christmastime.  It is so wrong!”


As you may know, Josh and I have THE hardest time naming our kids.  Ethan had been alive for two days before I finally made the executive decision to name him ETHAN (Josh hated that name) JAMES (Josh’s middle name, yet he is not a fan) CARR.  That was the only combo I had ever written down previous to the birth so I went with it.  I have always wanted to use JAMES in some way for several reasons:

As mentioned above, it is Josh’s middle name.  So Josh probably thinks I named Ethan in his honor.  Sure…yes…yes, Josh, I did.  But REALLY I named him after MY DAD, Blaine.  Did you know that, Dad?  Well, it’s true…kind of…in my messed up brain. 🙂  You see, all of my life my dad listened to JAMES TAYLOR all the time.  He had ALL of his RECORDS.  (That’s right, kids, RECORDS.)  I would sit and look at those album covers when I was 4, 5, 6 years old and I thought they were all pictures of MY DAD. Because, you see, in REAL life my dad played the guitar and sang AND looked exactly like THIS:

And here is a picture of him on his wedding day…so I believed…

And here he was all ready for church….

And when he had kids and became RESPONSIBLE, he cut his hair and looked just like THIS:

I don’t remember when I realized that my dad was not actually James Taylor.  It was probably around the same time I figured out that my uncle and his group of friends were NOT the band Chicago…..

K, so when Josh got home from his mission we hung out a lot as friends.  One day I was looking through his big old case of CD’s and I saw JAMES TAYLOR’S GREATEST HITS….Insert romantic, springtime, love music here.  I looked up at Josh with those Davy Jones’ twinkley-in-love-eyes. That is the first time I remember feeling a ZING of LOVE for Josh.  🙂

So even though Josh may not love the name he was given, it means A LOT to me!

By the way, when I was little, I was sure my dad’s best friend was Kenny Loggins and I SWEAR we even helped him move once.

Dinner for Dad

A couple of weeks ago, Ashton was helping me make dinner. After we finished, he decided to make his own recipe. He told me the RECIPE BOOK said that he needed a piece of bread, two clementine oranges AAAAAND whipped cream.

He put it all together and when I asked if he was going to eat it, he said,”No, it’s for Dad.”  I laughed right out loud!  Josh was at his shop working on his Bug and Ashton couldn’t wait for him to come home for dinner.  Josh being the GREAT dad that he is, sat and ate it right when he got home with Ashton watching him enjoy each bite.

Christmas 2010

Welp, I love my MacBook and iMovie. I just couldn’t resist making a video of some of the Christmas pictures and videos from this past year because it is sooooo easy to do!  Just a warning: The video is LOOOONG. (I edited it quite a bit, if you can believe it.) If YouTube doesn’t freak out about music licensing, you will be hearing the smooth-as-butter voice of my man James Taylor.