As you may know, Josh and I have THE hardest time naming our kids.  Ethan had been alive for two days before I finally made the executive decision to name him ETHAN (Josh hated that name) JAMES (Josh’s middle name, yet he is not a fan) CARR.  That was the only combo I had ever written down previous to the birth so I went with it.  I have always wanted to use JAMES in some way for several reasons:

As mentioned above, it is Josh’s middle name.  So Josh probably thinks I named Ethan in his honor.  Sure…yes…yes, Josh, I did.  But REALLY I named him after MY DAD, Blaine.  Did you know that, Dad?  Well, it’s true…kind of…in my messed up brain. 🙂  You see, all of my life my dad listened to JAMES TAYLOR all the time.  He had ALL of his RECORDS.  (That’s right, kids, RECORDS.)  I would sit and look at those album covers when I was 4, 5, 6 years old and I thought they were all pictures of MY DAD. Because, you see, in REAL life my dad played the guitar and sang AND looked exactly like THIS:

And here is a picture of him on his wedding day…so I believed…

And here he was all ready for church….

And when he had kids and became RESPONSIBLE, he cut his hair and looked just like THIS:

I don’t remember when I realized that my dad was not actually James Taylor.  It was probably around the same time I figured out that my uncle and his group of friends were NOT the band Chicago…..

K, so when Josh got home from his mission we hung out a lot as friends.  One day I was looking through his big old case of CD’s and I saw JAMES TAYLOR’S GREATEST HITS….Insert romantic, springtime, love music here.  I looked up at Josh with those Davy Jones’ twinkley-in-love-eyes. That is the first time I remember feeling a ZING of LOVE for Josh.  🙂

So even though Josh may not love the name he was given, it means A LOT to me!

By the way, when I was little, I was sure my dad’s best friend was Kenny Loggins and I SWEAR we even helped him move once.