Sea World Utah

We took the kids to The Living Planet Aquarium the other day (okay, it was a month ago but whatever).   We had never been there before and even though I was in the mood to DRIVE to Sea World, it was still a very fun afternoon adventure.

We got to pet the bat rays…I think that’s what they were…just like at the REAL Sea World

Ashton and Emmy loved watching the penguins

I had NO IDEA those penguins (what, Emperor Penguins…I don’t know.  I have the WORLDWIDE WEB at my fingertips but I’m not in the mood to look it up, OKAY!!!!) were that HUUUUGE.  That’s plain old scary, if you ask me!  That beak is DEADLY!  SHOO’!!!

The aquarium was pretty small, small enough that Ashton spent most of the time finding his own way around with the map, seeing what he wanted to see.  (I followed behind, of course)