April 2011

Liberty Mounten

This morning I took the kids to Liberty Mounten (Thank you, Linz, for the awesome new name for Trafalga in Lehi. And yes, everyone, I did spell MOUNTEN correctly.)

I haven’t been super excited to take the kids by myself, knowing I would loose them within seconds in a sea of moms and kids. Well, as I pulled up I wondered if it was even open. We were the only ones in the whole place!!!! IT WAS FABULOUS!!!! A couple other moms eventually came. They were EXACTLY like me, I should mention: two little ones running around with a baby in a baby carrier or stroller.

We had such a great morning! Since we were pretty much the only ones there, we got all kinds of free games. The employees are so nice there. Ashton and Emmy….

Played air hockey…

Did some bowling…

Played miniature golf (a couple times).  I definitely felt like Happy Gilmore’s coach the first few holes, “Just taaaap it in. Tap tap tap it in.  Just nice and soft, tap tap tappy.”……

Flew an airplane…..

And had a couple rides on the scariest old carousel I have ever seen…

Ethan was a perfect angel the whole time just chillin’ in the baby carrier.

Conference Weekend and the TSNOWnami

We had a fabulous weekend of General Conference.  We just hung out at home and since it wasn’t totally warm and sunny, we weren’t even tempted to work out in the yard LISTENING to Conference on Saturday, like we usually do (which I kind of missed).  I got to hang out with the girls (and the kids) during the Priesthood Session.

On Sunday, we woke up to about 5 inches of newly fallen snow!  It was NUTS, buuuut beautiful.  Josh had some help as he cleared the driveway so Grammy and Grampa could join us for the morning session.

I love the “shovels” that Emmy and Ashton found to help with….

We took advantage of what will hopefully be the LAST snow until November and had hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. It was a very cozy day….Here is the link to my favorite talk of the whole weekend.  Oh my, was I a mess during/after this one!

I am not complaining about the snow because the BEST thing happened!  The snow was soooo heavy and as the snow was cleared off the road by the snow plow, it smashed down a whole street of the ugliest, oldest wooden fences!!!!  Oh, how I hated these fences!!!  And now check them out!!!!

I don’t know what the solution to this will be, but I do know that I am overflowing with happiness whenever I drive down that street.  I have the biggest smile on my face and sometimes I just crack myself up imagining that snow plow knocking down all those fences.



Mother Gothel

Here is my little princess with her latest dress-up and new favorite movie.  I wish I could keep her hidden in a tower until she turns 18!  Now that it’s getting a TINY BIT warm outside, Ashton and Emmy want to run wild and free and it freaks me right out!  “Watch for cars! Don’t talk to strangers! Stay together!”, that’s what I yell constantly out the back door as they play in our fenced yard.  Oh yes, I’m a paranoid Mother Gothel and I would certainly DIE if anything happened to my tiny TREASURES.


Holi Festival

We went to the Holi Festival again this year, along with 40,000 other people. It was sooooo much fun! I was a little bit nervous about bringing Ethan but he was fine. Josh and I have decided that we definitely love the Festival of Colors. Everyone is just soooo ready to be outside, celebrating Spring. Everyone is happy and friendly and it’s just good, clean (not literally, of course.) fun!

Ethan’s little head.  After several washings, it is almost back to normal…

Here is a cool video of the event…