May 2011

10 Months Old!!!

I…CANNOT…BELIEVE…HOW FAST THIS YEAR IS GOING!!!!  How is Ethan almost one year old?!??!  Welp, it’s true, he is ten months old.  I can’t even express how much I love this little guy.

He is CLOSE to crawling, sooooo close.  He rolls all over the place now.  We sat behind a family at church with a baby who I found out was born the exact same day as Ethan.  Their little guy was ALL OVER the place, crawling soooo fast!  It was amazing.  I was so thankful, for the first time, that Ethan was content to just sit on my lap.  Just stay with me, Baby Ethan.  Don’t grow up too fast!

Ethan got his first haircut the other day.  His hair was so long, it looked like a little pile of hay, all messy most of the time.  So we took him to Aunt Kassy and he was SOOOOO GOOD!  He just sat there like he had done it a million times.  His cuteness was killing me!


Sitting so calmly.  Look how long that glob of hair is on his shoulder, from the SIDE of his head.  I am a bad mom!

After!  What a handsome little guy, checking himself out in the mirror…

I know what you’re thinking…”LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!”  I know!!!  I LOOOOOVE THEM!!!  I just kiss and nuzzle them all day long.


Emmy asked me to print a Princess Peach coloring page for her.  For some reason, it just wouldn’t print.  (I know all the diagnostic questions you are dying to ask me right now, Josh, and nope, they didn’t fix it. 🙂 )  So anyway, Ashton was trying to show her that she could just draw a picture herself and color it in.  If any of you know Emmy, you can imagine how upset she was becoming.  She did not know how to draw Princess Peach!!!  While I was trying to help Emmy, Ashton ran downstairs.  I understood his desire to leave the situation.  In about two minutes, he ran back upstairs with this:

He said,”Look, Emmy! Princess Peach!”  He had paper right next to him at the table where he had been drawing but he wanted her to think the printer (downstairs) finally worked.  Can you even believe what a doll that boy is?!?!?!?


Last Saturday, Ashton’s started off his first T-Ball season with a parade and a game.  He LOVES it!!!  All he wants to do is practice.  Unfortunately, all the weather wants to do is RAIN.

Ashton’s a switch-hitter.  He’s always been ambidextrous.

Ashton and his cousin/buddy, Druw


Ashton asked me if he could earn some more LEGO’s so we made another chore chart for him.  He’s such a good boy that I would buy him whatever he wants whenever he wants it.  Buuuut I guess it’s important to teach kids to work and to appreciate their possessions, blah blah blah ;).  Here he is with his new Star Wars ship.  I must brag and tell you that he followed the little instruction booklet and put that ship together ALL BY HIMSELF!  Little genius!

Emmy also wanted to do chores.  She was so excited to put her stickers on the chart each night.  One of her chores was to be happy all day, say “Okay, Mom!” and be obedient.  She had to work on that a few days longer than the rest of the tasks.  She finally did it and got to pick out her toy.  ARIEL!  Yay!  What a good girl!  I love her!!!!


Before these little guys came along, Easter was my FAVORITE holiday.  I could just sit and meditate on the gift of the Atonement and Resurrection, be overwhelmed by the Easter hymns and music.  I was very far from the commercialism and Easter Bunny.  Now it’s a little bit different.  🙂 I still love Easter, but I just don’t MAKE the time to celebrate the way I want to.  I love that we keep things simple when it comes to the Easter Bunny.  Hopefully, when the kids are a little bit older, we can make the day more spiritual. Let me know if you have any great ideas that I can use in the future! 🙂