10 Months Old!!!

I…CANNOT…BELIEVE…HOW FAST THIS YEAR IS GOING!!!!  How is Ethan almost one year old?!??!  Welp, it’s true, he is ten months old.  I can’t even express how much I love this little guy.

He is CLOSE to crawling, sooooo close.  He rolls all over the place now.  We sat behind a family at church with a baby who I found out was born the exact same day as Ethan.  Their little guy was ALL OVER the place, crawling soooo fast!  It was amazing.  I was so thankful, for the first time, that Ethan was content to just sit on my lap.  Just stay with me, Baby Ethan.  Don’t grow up too fast!

Ethan got his first haircut the other day.  His hair was so long, it looked like a little pile of hay, all messy most of the time.  So we took him to Aunt Kassy and he was SOOOOO GOOD!  He just sat there like he had done it a million times.  His cuteness was killing me!


Sitting so calmly.  Look how long that glob of hair is on his shoulder, from the SIDE of his head.  I am a bad mom!

After!  What a handsome little guy, checking himself out in the mirror…

I know what you’re thinking…”LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!”  I know!!!  I LOOOOOVE THEM!!!  I just kiss and nuzzle them all day long.