Ashton asked me if he could earn some more LEGO’s so we made another chore chart for him.  He’s such a good boy that I would buy him whatever he wants whenever he wants it.  Buuuut I guess it’s important to teach kids to work and to appreciate their possessions, blah blah blah ;).  Here he is with his new Star Wars ship.  I must brag and tell you that he followed the little instruction booklet and put that ship together ALL BY HIMSELF!  Little genius!

Emmy also wanted to do chores.  She was so excited to put her stickers on the chart each night.  One of her chores was to be happy all day, say “Okay, Mom!” and be obedient.  She had to work on that a few days longer than the rest of the tasks.  She finally did it and got to pick out her toy.  ARIEL!  Yay!  What a good girl!  I love her!!!!