Emmy asked me to print a Princess Peach coloring page for her.  For some reason, it just wouldn’t print.  (I know all the diagnostic questions you are dying to ask me right now, Josh, and nope, they didn’t fix it. 🙂 )  So anyway, Ashton was trying to show her that she could just draw a picture herself and color it in.  If any of you know Emmy, you can imagine how upset she was becoming.  She did not know how to draw Princess Peach!!!  While I was trying to help Emmy, Ashton ran downstairs.  I understood his desire to leave the situation.  In about two minutes, he ran back upstairs with this:

He said,”Look, Emmy! Princess Peach!”  He had paper right next to him at the table where he had been drawing but he wanted her to think the printer (downstairs) finally worked.  Can you even believe what a doll that boy is?!?!?!?