3 Funerals and a Reunion

June was quite…exhausting. We had lots of fun going to Seven Peaks and Ashton’s T-ball games. But we also drove to St. George one weekend to visit my Grandma Stewart (“GiGi”-short for Great-Grandma) one last time. The visit was much more difficult than I had ever imagined it would be. My grandma was always well-dressed and wore high heels EVERYWHERE. She was extremely concerned with her appearance and I never once saw her without her make-up and wig on. So it was shocking to see her in bed, in her pajamas, no make-up or anything, looking so old and tiny and helpless. I hope that she saw us and heard that we loved her, though it seemed like we were too late. I am glad we went, even though it was heart-breaking. She passed away two days later. We went back to St. George for her funeral. I loved her pink casket and that she was wearing white high heels.

Josh’s Grandpa Schroeppel had also been very sick, so after we visited my grandma, we stopped by to see him also.  That visit will always be a treasured memory.  My sister and I were huge wrecks after seeing my grandma.  Grandpa Schroeppel lightened our spirits, entertained us and cracked us up, even though he wasn’t feeling great himself.  At one point, I went out to the car to get baby supplies.  When I came back in, everyone was still in conversation but Grandpa was wearing a crazy gray wig, waiting to see if I would notice his sudden hair growth.  It was hilarious.  We visited him in the hospital the next week after my Grandma’s funeral.  The next morning, he too passed away.  Josh went back to St. George for the Tuesday funeral.  I was so sad to miss it.  It sounded INCREDIBLE.  Grandpa Schroeppel was a great man and each of his eleven children wanted to share memories and express the love they had for their dad.  Amazing testament to the father and man that he was, wouldn’t you say?  Luckily, I did get to attend the Saturday funeral in Lindon.

The NEXT WEEK was the Terry Family Reunion in Cedar City.  Josh and I were planning on going Friday, just to say ‘hi’ and hang out for the day.  Well, on Thursday, my sweet Grandma Harris suffered a serious heart attack and was taken to the hospital.  She was too unstable to transfer to a bigger hospital where they would be able to save her life. We got this news Thursday evening and jumped in the car, hoping to make it to Cedar City in time to see her.  Oh my goodness!  Can you even believe this???  We couldn’t.  We were in complete shock and every once in a while reality would hit me and I would cry.  We got to the hospital at 11:30 and were able to say our good-byes, fully expecting her not to make it through the night.  In the morning we heard that they were going to take her off life support so back to the hospital we went.  Well, she continued to breathe and improve throughout the day!  She was in Cedar City for a week, then they brought her to UVRMC for another week and now I am sooooo happy to report that she is back at home.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  What a month, wouldn’t you say?!?!?!?!

We kept joking with my Grandma that she will go to any length to get everyone to a family reunion, because you had better believe EVERYONE rushed to Cedar City to see her.  Cousins hanging out at the park.