Emmy is FOUR!!!!

The night before Emmy’s birthday, I was tucking her in her bed and I said,”Emmy, this is the last day that you will be THREE.  When you wake up you will be FOUR!!!”  I was trying to say it to make her so excited, but after the first sentence, a huge lump formed in my throat and tears filled my eyes and I could barely say the last part.  I was not expecting the sadness of having her be so OLD!

ANYHOO, she requested a TANGLED birthday party.  It turned out to be so much fun!

First things first – the invitations!  Emmy insisted on delivering the invitations in her Rapunzel dress AND going up to the doors all by herself.  I could hear her at one door say,”YOU ARE INVITED TO MY RAPUNZEL BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!”  Pretty cute!

We invited the girls to come dressed as their favorite princess. They were all SOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!

As we waited for all the girls to arrive, they colored pictures of Rapunzel at the table.

The girls made Pascal Party Blowers (with a little help from Ashton and my hot glue gun).

Then we played Pin the Pan on Flynn Rider.

By then it was time for a cupcake break.

The girls made candy necklaces.  I thought this might be a little bit difficult for 3 & 4-year-olds but they did GREAT!

How can you keep little girls from playing together with barbies?  You can’t and it was just so cute   They played for a while until THE PRINCESSES ARRIVED!!!

We had the princesses from Party with Princesses come help with the last hour of the party.   It was a complete surprise for Emmy and the girls and it was truly MAGICAL!  The little princesses just stood there in shock as the “Real” Princesses came in.  They warmed up pretty quickly and were soon gathered around, wanting hugs and asking a million questions.  It was soooo sweet!!!

The Princesses sang songs, played “Princess, Princess, Queen”, and taught them how to curtsey.  Then they joined us as we sang  “Happy Birthday” to Emmy and helped her blow out her candles.  After Emmy made her wish and blew out the candles, the Princesses helped each little girl write her own wish on a ribbon.  We tied the ribbons to balloons and took them outside to let them go (instead of the floating lanterns from the movie).  I don’t know what all the wishes were but Emmy wished that she could be a real princess (of course).  Ashton and Banks even wanted to make a wish.  Banks wished for a Wii (hear that, Tara? 🙂 ) and Ashton wished for a totally fun birthday party.

After the balloons, we took a few pictures.  Then we had a Princess Parade as the “Real” Princesses walked all the girls back to their homes.  This party was LEGENDARY, thanks to PARTY WITH PRINCESSES!!!!