June Fun

Here is a quick update on other things that happened in June….

Emmy had her first real dance recital ON STAGE!  She was sooo excited to dance on a stage.  The dress rehearsal went perfectly, Emmy did great!!!  I am sooo glad that I recorded it JUST IN CASE, because something happened backstage during the real performance, kids stepping on Emmy’s feet she told me, that made her very sad and unable to perform.  Oh well.

Ashton got a new Razor Scooter and was inducted into the neighborhood scooter gang.  I am a bad mom.  I never noticed that Ashton was the LAST kid in the ‘hood to get one.  He is awesome on it and that thing is FUUUUUN, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Emmy got a big girl bike!  We tried to keep up with her as she rode around the block that night, but she quickly sped off out of sight, freaking me out with her new level of mobility.

Do any of you feel guilty for just buying your kids new bikes?  Without making them earn MOST of the money, taking them to the store only to find out they don’t have enough money and then coming through at the end making up the difference, thus teaching them the invaluable lesson of the Atonement?  Sheesh, I sure do.

We went up the canyon for a BBQ

Ethan learned how to crawl ALL OVER THE PLACE.  He is still working on his somersault but this is his favorite way to see the world lately.

Ethan is so over baby toys.  He is only entertained by electronic devices; iPhones, remote controls, etc.  His FAVORITE thing, and his best buddy, is Ashton’s R2D2.  We put R2 ‘on patrol’ and he rolls around the house with Ethan crawling right after him.  It’s pretty cute.  Once I wasn’t watching and R2 patrolled right down the stairs.  I screamed “R2!!!!” and ran to him just as fast as if it had been Ethan.  That night when Emmy was telling Josh what happened, she said “Mom was so sad because she has two babies, Ethan and R2.”  Great.  What can I say, that NAUGHTY little robot really grows on ya.

I took Emmy to the Princess Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  Even though Ethan was attached to me in the baby carrier, it was so nice to give Emmy all the attention and let her have a fun morning doing whatever she wanted.  It was pretty cheesy and I was surrounded by the worst British accents ever, but whatever, Emmy loved it.

We went to Liberty Mounten (Trafalga) a couple of times.

We worked around the house

We have such good little slaves.

Ashton earned his first trophy!  Oh man, he was so excited to get a REAL trophy.  Sooo cute.

Josh was involved in the most incredible Stake Youth Conference ever.  He helped build a full scale replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle for the conference that focused on the temple.  After countless hours and unimaginable effort and love put into the project, Josh wasn’t even able to witness the youth having the most incredible spiritual experience of their lives.  He had to leave the conference to go to my grandma’s funeral.  He is amazing.  I love him sooooo much!!!!

So there you have it. Throw in a few funerals and you’ve got our month of June.