Moab, Utah!!!

For Josh’s birthday, I surprised him with a tiny trip down to Moab (WITHOUT THE KIDDIES!!!).  It took a little bit of sneakiness and I almost failed at the very end but I pulled it off!!!  I asked if he would come home early on Friday to come with us to Seven Peaks.  I didn’t think this would work, he always has too much to do.  When he got home, the babysitter was ready to take over and we went to get some lunch.  We ate at a little park nearby…

I gave Josh his birthday present: some super lame water shoes and a description of our adventure-filled Saturday.  He was clearly thinking, “Fabulous.  This will be great…someday when our kids have graduated from high school.”  He was surprised even more when I told him our bags were already in his car and we were heading to Moab right then!!!  It was soooo great!!!

We hiked to Delicate Arch, it was absolutely incredible!!!  We went on a Hummer Tour which really made me want to go WATCH, not participate in necessarily, the Jeep Safari in April.  Crazy fun!!!!  Then we went river rafting.  The river was very high which covered up a lot of the rapids, but we had some wild rides.  This just made us hungry for MORE river rafting with BIGGER rapids!  It was just way soooo soooo much fun!!!!

I just can’t even tell you how much I love Josh.  He still cracks me up all day long.  He still compliments me every time he sees me.  He is still my best friend and even more than ever, I could NOT live without him.  I LOVE YOU, JOSH!!!  I am the luckiest!!!  Happy Birthday!!!