My Baby is ONE YEAR OLD!!!

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  I truly cannot believe that Ethan is ONE!  When I really sit for a second and think about how quickly time goes by, I honestly have trouble breathing and tears come instantly to my eyes!!!  MAKE IT STOP!!!!

On Ethan’s birthday, we went swimming at Rich and Dallas’.  It was a gorgeous day and a perfect birthday afternoon for Ethan.

Chillin’ on Uncle Rob’s lap.  Sooooo cute.  He just sat there comfy as can be for 30 minutes.

We had a tiny birthday celebration the next day.  We kept it very low key with just our little fam.  Ashton and Emmy LOVED picking out gifts for Ethan.  Ethan had lots of help opening his presents, blowing out his candles and eating his cake. 🙂

And, just like Ashton and Emmy, he HATED having frosting all over him and it wasn’t long before he freaked out.

Aside from the VERY rare freak out, this little guy is just sooo mellow and content.  He is a perfect angel and is so patient with Emmy and Ashton who love him to pieces and can never get enough hugs, kisses or tackles.  Yes, tackles.  Poor guy.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love my sweet little Ethan.