Ashton’s First Day of School!

Ashton started Kindergarten this year…along with the WHOLE neighborhood.  It is soooo fabulous that he has so many friends in his class and that they all get to ride the bus together.  Ashton was soooo excited!

Jayda, Druw, Ashton and Banks, waiting for the bus.  You should have seen the swarm of parents taking pictures. 🙂

Getting on the bus.  I witnessed Ashton’s first and probably most important “school” lesson…”No butts!” LOL!  That’s right, it lives on!  When I went to elementary school in Utah, we all said “No butts!” Well, when we moved to California, that was just another cultural shock that added to my nerdery.  They didn’t say ‘butts’, they said ‘cuts’ which makes more sense.  “No cutting in line!”  Either way you say it, make sure YOU don’t do it!

Of course I was the psycho mom, jumping in my car, following the bus to school to see how cute Ashton was.  Oh yes, I had tears in my eyes several times.  He is just such a good little guy.  I’m so proud of him!!!

Look at that!  What a sweetie, just writing his name or something…