September 2011

Dirty Dash

A couple weeks ago, I ran in the Dirty Dash!!!  I’ve been wanting to do a mud run obstacle course for a few years, so I thank CARI, STEPHANIE, NATE, EMILY, KEVIN and VINETTA for making my dirty dream come true!!! 🙂

Now listen up, anyone reading this….YOU WILL RUN IN THE DIRTY DASH NEXT YEAR!!!!  JUST DO IT!!!  It was one of the FUNNEST mornings of my life!!!

Cari and I were a little bit nervous as we walked across the slightly smooshy parking field.  Getting the bottom of our shoes muddy was not something we were used to, you understand.  Well, we were forced to overcome our aversion to mud about .05 seconds into the race when we had to RUN UP a completely mud-covered hill, looking like Scooby and Shaggy running in place.  Tires spinning!  This was just the beginning of 6 miles of slip-sliding, filthy hilarity. Our stomachs were killing from laughing.


Emmy’s First Day of Preschool

Emmy picked out her clothes and set them on the couch the night before….Pretty cute, if you ask me!!!

She could probably fit in that backpack.

Miss Tiffany!  She was Ashton’s preschool teacher, too.  We love her!

All ready to learn!  What a cutie!!!