New York!!!

All summer, Cari was having major New York withdrawals so she and Doug were planning a trip.  Josh happened to have a conference in New York at the end of August.  SOOOO we all decided to go together, kind of.  Josh and I went a couple days before his meetings started so we could play a little bit.  It was so, so, sooooo much fun!  I must give a very special THANK YOU shout out to my parents who took AMAZING care of my kids so I could go!!!!!

Before we got there, Josh was telling me that New York is just crazy because there is just no end to the city.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever, I’ll see when I get there.  But he was totally right and you just can’t believe it until you get there.  It’s just skyscraper after skyscraper for MILES!  In L.A. or Seattle or San Francisco (the only big cities I’ve been to), there is a clump of big buildings, then pretty quickly you run into smaller buildings and then houses.  New York is just amazing!  AND I loved all the architecture and details on the buildings.  Soooo cool.

My favorite part, though, was just walking around Central Park.  It is just incredible.  LOOOOOVE IT!

Here is a very long video of some of our adventures.  It is long but hey, it is acting as my journal so it is actually very insufficient. 🙂