January 2015

January 31st

This morning, Ashton and a few boys from the ward, sang at a baptism.  I am so proud of Ashton for doing it.  They sang “We’ll Bring the World His Truth”, which I sing to him every night.  It was soooo sweet and I was holding back sobs the whole time.  Deep breaths, deep breaths.

Ryker Richards, Trent Smithson, James Carpenter, Ash, Jaxon Richards, Druw


Everyone sang the first verse, Ashton and Druw sang the second verse, Trent the third, everyone sang the chorus’sIMG_0824

The boys and Josh threw boomerangs when we got home….it was really just Ethan playing fetch.  What a good sport.

IMG_0826We went to see Ali and Ammon’s new house.  SOOOO EXCITING!!!  It’s going to be amazing!  Then we took the kids to McDonald’s.

IMG_0847Emmy went to Jocelyn Richards birthday party at the Provo Rec Center

IMG_0852Then Josh and Nate took Ashton and Druw to the BYU basketball game.  Ashton chose to eat at Panda Express but he didn’t order anything and didn’t eat a bite, holding out for a COUGAR TAIL!!!  He ate about 3/4 of it!!!!

IMG_0856 IMG_0855 IMG_0858

January 30th

These Three Musketeers are THE BEST!!!  They spent the whole morning and then the whole afternoon (after Ethan’s nap) running back and forth to each others houses.  It is just so cute!  I told them to smile for a picture and they automatically did super hero poses:




I had a baby shower to go to tonight and this is what I left Josh with. 🙂 Druw and Kyn ended up sleeping over.  They were up ALL NIGHT, as usual.  Crazy party animals.IMG_0814

January 29th

We made cookies this morning.  I love my little helpers, but it sure is more stressful with their “help” 🙂


While I did the rolling and baking, Ethan and Annie had a dance party.  Ethan loves his music LOUD!  They were bouncing off the couches and walls until they were totally wiped out.  Ethan tucked Annie in next to him.  I’m telling you, he is the sweetest brother.IMG_0731

I owed a ton of people cookies.  I have such great friends and neighbors.IMG_0734Ashton had his FIRST REAL basketball game tonight.  I was a little bit nervous that they were keeping score.  There was a GINORMOUS kid on the other team that was roughing up Ash a little bit.  Ash’s team has a couple of phenomenal players so opportunities to shoot are few for most of the other kids.  BUT Ashton did make a shot and that’s all it takes for the game to be awesome for him.  They did also happen to win.  Woooohooo!


See that huge kid up there?  Druw’s taking him!  Go Druw!IMG_0743

These two….my heart!IMG_0742

January 28th

Ashton earned his Bear badge!  He received that and some other awards at Pack Night.

The scouts made rockets and they launched them for the “Space Derby”.




IMG_0722Note: The morning after Pack Night, I told Ashton he should probably wash his face to get the paint off.  He said “No way!  People are going to ask me which award I got!”  Pretty cute.

I delivered Rob’s birthday present tonight after Scouts.  I knocked on the door at 9 PM.  Adam opened the door and Rob came over and said “Hi, Jenn!  Come on in!”  It was THE BEST MOMENT I’ve had in a long time.  I said hi to everyone, gave Rob his gift and a hug then left.  I was sooooo happy I didn’t even listen to music all the way home.  Then, when I was almost home I just started bawling.

January 26th

Today is Rob’s 40th birthday!  That is CRAZY!  I seriously feel like I’m 20…..well, this is sick, more like 27’ish.  But NO! I am right behind Rob, 39 is coming right up for me.  I am FREAKING OUT.  AAAAANYHOOOO, for the last few days, Josh and I have been putting together a bday gift for Rob.  It has been a nostalgic weekend, to say the least.  We got him a fleece Pac Man throw, a He-Man bobble head, Big League Chew, Silly Putty, a TINY water arcade (totally was supposed to bigger than this!), a lucky rabbit’s foot and a Def Leppard T-shirt.  But my FAVORITE part was the walkman and cassettes!!!


So for a few days I put together a mix of all the songs that remind me of Rob.  I can’t really say ALL the songs because I couldn’t fit them ALL.  I had to choose my favorites and I still keep thinking of more and more.  Anyhoo, I pulled down this stereo which has been sitting at the top of our bedroom cabinet for the past 8 years.  I was so surprised and happy to see that it had a record FEATURE on the cassette deck!  WOOOHOOOO!!!  I made playlists which can easily be accessed immediately on our iPhones.  But THEN, we burned CD’s (haven’t done that for about 8 years), then we recorded the cassettes from the CD’s (haven’t done that for about 20 years).  It was wild how long it took.  AAAAND on the second cassette, my record button broke and the deck started eating my tapes!!!!!  CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT!?!?!?!  It was like it KNEW we had way better technology around and killed itself.  So weird.  So get THIS!  We got on Facebook and found a friend in the neighborhood who HAD A CASSETTE PLAYER!  Like those really old black ones, you know what I’m talking about?  Let me tell you, it was crazy.  So this stereo, which was a gift from Josh before we were married, is going to DI. 🙁IMG_0700

But I was able to make these cassettes, WHICH I LOOOOOVE!!!!! IMG_0702

I also fixed this Star Wars gift bag to be the BETTER, ORIGINAL characters.IMG_0704