January 10th

Today was a pretty fun and busy day! Josh took Ethan, Ashton and Druw all over town, running errands and then to the church to play basketball.


Then, as soon as they got home, we ate lunch and then met Jason Turner, Eddie, Lindsey, Nate and all the kids up Covered Bridge Canyon.  Jason was showing Eddie and Linz a house that happened to have a little hill to sled on.   Jason, being the amazing real estate agent that he is, also brought hot chocolate.  Ethan finally had a chance to try out his snowboard.  He didn’t appreciate the “independence” Josh gave him his first (and only) time down. 🙂

IMG_0382 IMG_0388 IMG_0406 IMG_0431 IMG_0442 IMG_0454Then we went to Cocolito’s for Justin’s birthday.IMG_0456