January 14th

Thank goodness for an amazing husband!  Things got a little crazy around here with scouts and Emmy’s dance performance at the Covey Center.  Josh very gladly stopped by our Parent/Teacher conferences on his way home from work and SAVED me.  Ashton and Emmy are AMAZING, as they always are.  Their teachers LOVE them and they have tons of friends and don’t give us anything to be concerned about.  What huge blessings!  I am soooo blessed with a phenomenal husband and incredible kids.

Emmy had her dance performance at the Covey Center.  The whole production was incredible and Emmy did amazing!  I LOVE the studio she is at and the director is awesome.  The title of the performance was “Divine Connection” and it was very spiritual, I had tears many times.  Emmy danced to a song called “Not Too Far From Here”.


Dancing Besties – Chloe and Emmy