January 15th

 Ethan, Annie and I went to IKEA this morning.

SIDE NOTE: Ashton and Ethan are EXACTLY the same and Emmy and Annecy are EXACTLY the same, and here is an example of the difference between my boys and girls:  At IKEA, Ethan and Annie were following the arrows along the path.  Ethan would jump on an arrow and get ‘more energy’ to make it to the next arrow.  He ALWAYS stayed on the path unless I left it to look for something, then he would naturally follow.  Annie would kind of follow the path but was almost constantly straying, running far, far away.  And if you know IKEA, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to find her if she got lost.  So I would grab her and put her in the cart or hold her until she promised to be good and stay by me. She just did her own thing and Ethan would follow me and keep saying “I’m being good, huh, Mom?”  BUUUUUT my girls are sweethearts and I love their strong little, hilarious spirits.  I love my boys’ desire to be obedient, careful and responsible.


As we were leaving, Ethan, my SUPER SMELLER, said “MOM!!!!  WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!?!?!?” So they had cinnamon rolls for lunch.  🙂

IMG_0521I finally bought this easel, in hopes that our kitchen table might be less of a project station all day long. 🙂 I have a feeling that it will just spread out the art area to the WHOLE kitchen….