January 16th

The kids didn’t have school today, in fact, this is a FOUR DAY WEEKEND.  Lindsey “organized” a last-minute outing and a bunch of us took our kids to the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  It is a fabulous place!


We babysat sweet little Hank in the afternoon. What a perfect little guy.


Emmy’s teacher gave her “Ferdinand the Bull” so we read that together and then I realized it was the perfect opportunity to introduce her to the Osmond Studio Blockbuster that I grew up with.  She sat like this and watched the whole thing without moving…


After dinner, Ashton and Emmy wanted to use their BEST ON THE BUS certificates for free ice cream at Culver’s (brand new in SF).  I LOVE where we live because as we went to find a table, we bumped into this crew and we all ate together. (Suuuure, we totally busted up their double date with our kids….doh!)