January 20th

Ashton and Emmy ran into the house after school yelling that the For Sale sign was in Gavin’s yard and he was moving.  It was pretty upsetting to everyone, especially Ethan.  When everyone calmed down, Ashton said,”Mom, Ethan’s crying.” And he was!  He was laying on my bed crying and crying so quietly into a pillow!  Poor little guy!!!  My heart was breaking for my little buddy.  He was inconsolable for about 20 minutes, devastated that his best buddy will soon be moving.


Ashton had his first basketball game tonight.  He did great!

IMG_0583After we got all the kids in bed, the girls and I kidnapped Steph for her birthday.  We took her to Kneaders for dessert where a whole bunch of girls from the neighborhood were waiting to surprise her.  Then we went to see “Into the Woods” (It started at 10 PM and I tried to stay awake, but it got all dark and loud at the end and I MIGHT have fallen asleep for a couple minutes).  It was a fun night!