January 19th

Every six months/year or so, I like to record my daily schedule just for my own reminiscing purposes.  Since nothing happened today to record, I’ll do that:

7:00 Kids wake up

7:40 I get up

8:00 Kids eat and get ready for school while I make lunches

8:25 Scripture, prayer and kids leave for school

9:20 Ethan goes to preschool (M,T,W)

I hang out with Annie, cleaning the house, running errands

12:00 Pick up Ethan and make lunch

1:00 Ethan and Annie take naps and I run on the treadmill

2:30-3:00 Kids wake up

3:40 Ash and Emmy get home

Then homework, piano, dance, scouts, and all the other activities

7:00 Annie goes to bed

8:00 Big kids go to bed

(Brush teeth, potty, prayers, then I sing two songs to each kid)