January 25th

I am well aware of the ‘no pictures in the chapel’ rule, but I could not resist.  Ethan was the first one to hit the wall. He slept like this for a full hour!

IMG_0682Then Emmy fell asleep on the bench.  During the Sacrament, Ashton was falling onto the ground, with red eyes, unable to sit up.  I let him lay down under the bench and he was right out.  It seriously looked like I tranquilized all of my kids, EXCEPT for Annie who actually sat on my lap reading books most of the meeting.  CRAY-ZAY!  Josh asked the babysitter what the heck made them so tired and she said they played Just Dance all night. HAHAHAHA!  So awesome!  That is exactly why the old people leave and let the fun babysitters PARTY with the kiddo’s!

Leslie didn’t have dinner tonight so Kassy invited us all over to her house.

IMG_0693 IMG_0695