January 3

I have three callings now: Visiting Teaching Supervisor, Cub Scout Secretary and CTR 4 Teacher.  I get to teach Ethan’s class which is full of cute 4 year olds.  Saturday we had the Primary Meet and Greet.  That afternoon, Nate and Steph took Ashton to see “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible…etc Day”.  Ashton LOVED it.  IMG_0288Last year, instead of doing a sibling gift exchange, the Carr’s went out of a big group date.  This year we continued the new tradition.  We were missing Ryan and Dakota, but 18 of us (including adopted Carr’s – Eddie, Lindsey, Kevin, Emily, Nick and Sheri) met at Two Jack’s for dinner and then went to Comedy Sportz.  It was a good night with GREAT people! IMG_0295 IMG_0301(Logan, Ben, Justin and Kassy are missing from this picture)