January 8th

Let me tell you a little bit about Ethan.  He is THE sweetest, kindest, most giving and loving little guy in the world.  He is ALWAYS being so sweet to Annie, even though most of the time she is very…girly to him.  He wants to help her all the time but she just wants to do everything herself, HER WAY.  As I type this, he is trying to help her put on a pull-up and she is freaking out.  When we pick him up from preschool, he immediately gives whatever he has made to Annie, saying “Look, Annie!  I made this for you!”  He also shares any treat he has with whomever he can.  He got home from Austin’s and had three candy canes, of which he was very proud and excited to announce as he came in the door.  Of course everyone wanted one and he didn’t hesitate for one second to give them all away.  I made him keep one for himself.IMG_0347

Annie and Druw with their candy canes from Ethan.