New Year’s Eve 2014


On New’s Years Eve, Josh went snowboarding with Eddie, Doug, Deven and Brandon.  I took the kids to Classic Skating in Orem. (They had been riding Annie’s new Wiggle Car in the kitchen since Christmas and now the floor is RUINED!  Tiny scratches COMPLETELY COVER it.) It was lots of fun.  Annie fell so many times and just kept getting up and riding.  Finally, she bonked her head and it bled so we were all done with skating and moved to the bouncy house section.IMG_0195 IMG_0202For the actual New Year’s Eve festivities, Josh and I went over to Eddie and Lindsey’s with Doug and Cari.  I came back to our house for a couple hours to hang out with Ash and Emmy who wanted to stay up until midnight (first time ever).  We had a fake count down for Ethan, who was sooooo excited to wear his hat and blow his whistle.  I put him to bed, A and M cracked me up all night while we listened to music and worked on a puzzle.  Then at 11 I went back to Eddie’s.  We left the DropCam at our house so we could keep an eye on the kids.  At midnight, Ashton and Emmy did the best dances and celebration jigs ever.  It was hilarious. IMG_0257