November 25th

We took Carr Family pictures this morning.  It wasn’t too bad! When not posing, the kids found shelter in Josh’s truck watching a movie.


After pictures, Grammy and Paw had us all over for pizza!  What a fun day!thumb_IMG_0462_1024 thumb_IMG_0466_1024

Josh didn’t have to go in to work, he worked on his Bug instead.  I was happy for him.  I got to stay home with Annie who was taking a nap and the rest of the neighborhood kids. When Josh got home, Ashton and I went to Joann Fabric.  He picked out a bunch of different fleeces for blankets his school class is making to donate to a Women’s Shelter.  I had fun hanging out with this nut.thumb_IMG_0469_1024

Then we ran to the store for last minute Thanksgiving items.  As we were in line, Ash wrapped his arm around the pole and stuck his hand in his pocket.  As we were leaving, he forgot about his hand and freaked out for a second, for some reason he was totally stuck.  We were LAUGHING and I made him reenact for this picture.thumb_IMG_0471_1024

Drake slept over tonight with Ethan.

October 21st

Tonight, we combined Activity Days and Pack Meeting and went to Jaker’s Pumpkin Patch. There were only about 7 scouts but there were 20 Act. Days girls!!!!! (Josh had meetings in Salt Lake and we missed him)

thumb_IMG_9459_1024 thumb_IMG_9476_1024 thumb_IMG_9464_1024 thumb_IMG_9480_1024

I just had to snap this pic of Annie as she was about to say her prayers.thumb_IMG_9484_1024

October 20th

Annie had school this morning so Ethan ran all over town with me, running errands, getting his hair cut, delivering Cub Scout flyers, picking up Annie.  It was a busy morning. After school, Austin came to play…


Ashton finished his homework, then went outside to play football again. I LOVE IT!!!!thumb_IMG_9445_1024

Annie went over to Hailey’s for a little bit, then came home to color.  I love my little lefty.  She did not stop coloring until every bit of the picture had been buried in pink.  She is a hard worker, very tenacious.thumb_IMG_9447_1024

Josh had Bishopric Meeting tonight.  The kids took baths then Ethan watched a show on my bed while I helped Ash and Emmy figure out what to be for Halloween. Poor little E fell asleep and Ashton carried him to bed. Ashton is such a sweet big brother.  He LIVES for the chance to take care of his siblings.thumb_IMG_9449_1024 thumb_IMG_9450_1024

October 19th

After school, homework and piano lessons, Ashton went outside to play football with some pals.  For ten years, my babies and I have watched the big neighborhood boys play football in this field.  Suddenly, MY BABY is one of the BIG BOYS!!! WAAAAAAHHHHH!  It’s sad and awesome!


Ethan wanted to sit on my lap and watch a show on the lap top.  He did NOT want to watch a movie on my bed.  Probably because he didn’t want to fall asleep.  Well, I got to hold my sleeping baby boy for about an hour, just like this. (LOVE HEAVEN LOVE LOVE LOVE)thumb_IMG_9438_1024

October 6th

Ashton had a small fever today so I kept him home from school.  I can’t leave a house full of sick babies when I go to New York tomorrow!!!


Ethan and Annie worked on their homework.  They are adorable!!!thumb_IMG_8877_1024I had to run all over town, Costco, Walmart (twice today), and the mall. It has been a busy day. Luckily, I had time to cuddle with my babies before I put them to bed. I really hate leaving them. Josh went to bishopric while I cleaned the house and then we packed up for New York.