December 3rd

Poor little Emmy was sick today.  Not soooooo sick, she just had a fever of 99.5 and also has had a terrible cough for a while.  So she stayed home from school.  It was kind of rough having to stay in bed ALL DAY when she didn’t feel that bad.  But, hey!  I cannot make staying home from school fun IN THE LEAST. (Here she is doing reading homework on the computer. She also practiced her spelling words.  The rest of the time she sewed her quilt.  Pretty cute.)


November 4th

This morning Tilly came over to play for a couple hours! These two got along really well! YAY!

thumb_IMG_0015_1024 thumb_IMG_0019_1024 thumb_IMG_0021_1024

After Ethan left for school, I cuddled with Annie before nap time.  I just LOVE these darling little chubby crossed-legs!!!!  AH!  Another thing I’m going to miss with all my heart as she gets bigger. 🙁thumb_IMG_9999_1024

All the moms were invited to Activity Days.  They had a short program and then pie.  thumb_IMG_0025_1024

“Choose the Right” – SO CUTE!!!!thumb_IMG_0030_1024

November 3rd

While Annie was at preschool, Ethan and I ran errands and got the car washed. After school, everyone did homework, practiced the piano then went to play with friends.  Everyone except Emmy.  She hung out with me all afternoon and I loved it.  She even helped me make dinner.


The boys were pretty frozen after playing tag outside so they came in and played the XBox. I almost forced them to stay outside, until I walked out there myself and felt the air!  AAAAHHHH!!!  I am NOT ready for winter!thumb_IMG_0006_1024

After dinner, Josh started a dance party.  It was hilarious!thumb_IMG_0010_1024

October 21st

Tonight, we combined Activity Days and Pack Meeting and went to Jaker’s Pumpkin Patch. There were only about 7 scouts but there were 20 Act. Days girls!!!!! (Josh had meetings in Salt Lake and we missed him)

thumb_IMG_9459_1024 thumb_IMG_9476_1024 thumb_IMG_9464_1024 thumb_IMG_9480_1024

I just had to snap this pic of Annie as she was about to say her prayers.thumb_IMG_9484_1024

October 3rd


Emmy and I woke up early this morning to get to the Conference Center.  I was going to help Kris fight against abortion.  When I got there, however, it was too much for me to handle.  The only place she was allowed to be was in the midst of the Anti’s who were yelling THE MOST HORRIFIC things. Nope.  I couldn’t. But Kris is a fighter.  She is awesome.


I dropped Emmy off with Grammy and they headed into the Conference Center for the first session of Conference.thumb_IMG_8813_1024

Emmy had such a great time!  thumb_IMG_8817_1024

Josh (Ethan and Annie) picked up Emmy afterwards at JCW’s where she got to eat lunch with Grammy, Grampa, Kris, Spencer and Savannah.  While Josh was gone, I went running outside. We were all pretty wiped out for the afternoon session. 🙂 Three new apostles were called to fill the empty seats left by L. Tom Perry, Boyd K. Packer, and Richard G. Scott: Gary Stevenson, Ronald Rasband, and Dale Renlund.thumb_IMG_8819_1024

We HAD to get out of the house afterwards! Josh went to the Priesthood Session while I took the kiddies to the Provo Rec Center. (Annie didn’t want to participate in photos)thumb_IMG_8823_1024