November 6th

Today was 50’s Day for the Kindergarteners.  Ethan has been soooo excited to dress up.  He was dressed in his 50’s clothes all morning and every time I looked at him my heart would skip a beat!!!  He looked so crazy cute!!!!  I LOVE THE 50’s!!!!!!

thumb_IMG_0052_1024After E left for school, I cuddled with this crazy nut.  We always cuddle and watch a few minutes of some princess movie before her naps and we usually end up tickling and laughing our heads off.  I LOVE how she just fits right inside my arm.  I also love how she is always ready to be crazy and laugh. thumb_IMG_0048_1024The kids have been watching “PIXELS” this past week.  They ALL love it!  Ethan has been asking me all week to take him to Nickel Mania so he can play Donkey Kong.  How can I say ‘ no’ to such an awesome request?!?!??!  I COULD NOT!  So tonight we all went to Nickel Mania (we brought Tenley and Druw with us) and played all the old classics.  DONKEY KONG WAS BROKEN, OF COURSE!!! GGGGRRRRRR!!!  But I did get to play Donkey Kong Jr. (MY FAVORITE!!!!!)thumb_IMG_0053_1024 thumb_IMG_0057_1024 thumb_IMG_0058_1024 thumb_IMG_0060_1024 thumb_IMG_0061_1024 thumb_IMG_0064_1024 thumb_IMG_0069_1024 thumb_IMG_0070_1024 thumb_IMG_0073_1024

Then we went to Del Taco, long past the point of tired and starving for the little guys, but somehow we survived.thumb_IMG_0076_1024

Druw and McKynlee slept over, naturally.

October 22nd

This morning, Josh and I met with a Landscape Architect!!!!  He is going to make a plan for our Mapleton yard!!!  I have been dreaming about it all day! I am so excited!!!

I had Parent/Teacher Conference this afternoon with Mrs. Olsen.  Ethan is AWESOME!!!!


October 20th

Annie had school this morning so Ethan ran all over town with me, running errands, getting his hair cut, delivering Cub Scout flyers, picking up Annie.  It was a busy morning. After school, Austin came to play…


Ashton finished his homework, then went outside to play football again. I LOVE IT!!!!thumb_IMG_9445_1024

Annie went over to Hailey’s for a little bit, then came home to color.  I love my little lefty.  She did not stop coloring until every bit of the picture had been buried in pink.  She is a hard worker, very tenacious.thumb_IMG_9447_1024

Josh had Bishopric Meeting tonight.  The kids took baths then Ethan watched a show on my bed while I helped Ash and Emmy figure out what to be for Halloween. Poor little E fell asleep and Ashton carried him to bed. Ashton is such a sweet big brother.  He LIVES for the chance to take care of his siblings.thumb_IMG_9449_1024 thumb_IMG_9450_1024

October 19th

After school, homework and piano lessons, Ashton went outside to play football with some pals.  For ten years, my babies and I have watched the big neighborhood boys play football in this field.  Suddenly, MY BABY is one of the BIG BOYS!!! WAAAAAAHHHHH!  It’s sad and awesome!


Ethan wanted to sit on my lap and watch a show on the lap top.  He did NOT want to watch a movie on my bed.  Probably because he didn’t want to fall asleep.  Well, I got to hold my sleeping baby boy for about an hour, just like this. (LOVE HEAVEN LOVE LOVE LOVE)thumb_IMG_9438_1024

October 13th

Austin and Jocelyn came over to play today…


Annie is jumping and screaming with joy at the idea of watching “Tangled”. It’s the small things.thumb_IMG_9186_1024

Ethan had his last soccer game tonight.  He sure is a cute little soccer player!thumb_IMG_9193_1024 thumb_IMG_9199_1024

Ethan was sick the night his team played Kyn’s. 🙁 Cute cousins!thumb_IMG_9224_1024