December 4th

I’ve been looking forward to our date all week!!  Josh has been telling me about Dim Sum ever since he went to Hong Kong.  He has craved it ever since.  So we found a “good” dim sum place in SLC so I could try it……It was okay.  The little dumpling bread balls were pretty delicious.  Everything else was…fine.  Josh was a little disappointed.  Oh well, we still had a great time together, of course. After dinner, we came back to Utah Valley to get some Christmas shopping done.  PHEW!  What a relief!


December 1st


One year ago today, Ben Nemelka passed away. I can’t put into words the feelings I have for Jeff and Amanda as this day has approached. The faith they have shown through this trial is inspiring, especially during this time of unprecedented apostasy. A bunch of us met at Ben’s grave to take this picture this morning.

November 9th

Josh worked on the laundry room again this morning before he left for work.  Someday soon it will be done! I cleaned the rest of the house this morning, while Ethan and Annie helped or played together.  After school, Ashton and Emmy went to piano lessons and then we all went to Lowe’s for Parks’ birthday party.  While I was in the shower this afternoon, I was debating…”Should I dress like a mom who is there to supervise and talk? Or should I JUMP and PLAY?!?!” I admit, I got dressed in regular clothes but KNEW I’d want to play, so I changed!  I am SOOOOOO glad I did! Ashton kept doing these Superman jumps into the foam pits and I HAD to try it.  And that was that.  I jumped and played with the kids!  I did some flips and some Superman flying belly flops.  It was THE BEST!!!!  I really felt like this was my last chance to prove to myself that I didn’t have to ACT like a 40 year old…..WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Midlife crisis kind of averted….


November 7th

Today was BUSY!!!  All the kiddies were up so early playing the XBox.


I sent Druw and Kyn home so we could all get to work.  Josh and I worked on building the laundry room all morning.  He left to run errands with Ash and E.  Ethan is such a happy and enthusiastic helper.  thumb_IMG_0080_1024

At 2:30, I left Josh and the boys at home working while the girls all went to Savannah’s birthday party.  Kris and Spencer did a great job, it was so much fun!thumb_IMG_0094_1024

Annie was cracking me up!  She was so serious about pinning the eyes on the caterpillar.  She even spun herself around three times.thumb_IMG_0096_1024

Then they all went fishing for prizes.  Jessi’s boys ran to me and said “You HAVE to come see what Annie’s doing!” So I ran upstairs where everyone had gathered to have a chuckle at my silly girl, concentrating and wishing soooo hard for a doll, just like on Pollyanna.thumb_IMG_0109_1024

Kris is so cute and made sure Annie’s wish came true!thumb_IMG_0111_1024 thumb_IMG_0135_1024

After the party, I rushed home to feed the kids and then Josh and I got to go out.  Tiffany wanted to go race FastKarts so she put together this group date! We all met at Pizzeria 712 for dinner, then went to race.  Our reservation was for 8:30 but all the cars kept breaking and after waiting an hour, we all got refunds and went to Cold Stone.  Here is our ALMOST GOT TO RACE picture….(Jenn, Ali, Lindsey, Steph, Tiff)thumb_IMG_0144_1024

October 29th

I could NOT sleep last night.  I had nightmares and crazy anxiety about Sack Boy’s head.  Annie had her costume party at preschool this morning.  She was adorable!

thumb_IMG_9776_1024 thumb_IMG_9794_1024 thumb_IMG_9795_1024 thumb_IMG_9796_1024 thumb_IMG_9797_1024Josh came up with a new plan for the head.  So while Annie was at school, Ethan and I went to Home Depot and bought some insulation foam.  We also stopped at Les Schwab to have our flat tire fixed (nail…awesome….everything in my life is breaking). I finished the rest of Ashton’s costume during the day.  Then, when I was about to have a panic attack, Josh came home from work early to save the day! We worked on that thing for the rest of the afternoon and evening… thumb_IMG_9801_1024 thumb_IMG_9805_1024 thumb_IMG_9808_1024

I sewed the head cover while Josh and Eddie ran to buy Dad’s birthday present (which I was in charge of and had no idea how I was ever going to get everything done).  Again, Josh saved the day. I almost bailed out of The Cheesecake Factory with the girls.  I even told them I couldn’t go but Josh insisted that I take a break.  So I hurried and took a shower and went out with these fun girls.thumb_IMG_9813_1024

I got home at midnight.  Josh had finished almost all of the head.  I put the finishing touches on the costume and went to bed at 2 AM.